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MY Top 10 Reasons for moving to Florida

Let’s start with #10…

10. It’s beautiful!! Flowers bloom all year! Yes we get our summer downpours which leave as quickly as they come, but they stick around only long enough cool us off, water our lawns, and clean our cars!

9. Manatees and Mermaids! The gentlest creatures on earth :)

8. St Augustine, the Nation’s oldest city founded in 1565, and a popular tourist vacation. One of my favorite.

7. Ok, you may not agree with me, so don’t hate on me.. but it’s been my experience that the people in Tampa are generally nicer. I first experienced this when I arrived here 8 years ago and accidentally cut someone off while I was driving. I sunk down in my seat, waiting for the backlash, for the honking of the horn, the screaming out the window, but nothing happened. I was shocked and relieved. I don’t know, but people just seem to be a bit more patient...maybe it’s the 244 days of sun.

6. We are the Vacation Capital of the world! We have attractions like: Disney, Universal, Legoland, even the Holy Land experience! Granted we don’t have snow or mountains, but that’s what vacations are for?

5. We have the Nations first 7.5 acre crystal clear man-made lagoon, built right here in Wesley Chapel, and recently opened. If you want to know more about this and see how cool it is…go online to crystal lagoon Wesley Chapel.

4. Speaking of pristine water, we have beaches, beaches, and more beaches. On the Gulf side our water is clear, blue-green and you can feel the healing properties as you're floating in it.

3. Besides all the new beautiful communities being built, downtown Tampa is getting a 3 billion dollar makeover into a modern metropolis. Thanks to Bill Gates investment fund and Jeff Vinik the owner of Tampa Bay Lightening. Also a fun Fact for you sports enthusiasts, Tampa Bay won the bid for Superbowl 55 to be played in Feb.2021!

2. Fla has one of the lowest tax burdens in the country, which means with no state income tax, your Social Security Retirement Benefits, Pension income, and income from an IRA or a 401k are all untaxed. In addition, Florida has no estate or inheritance tax. And there are great tax breaks on your homes due to the Homestead Exemptions.

1. The cost of living is more affordable! According to the cost of housing in Tampa is 67.3% less than le’ts say New York. You can get so much more for your money here.

These are my top ten reasons for living in florida…especially the Tampa area.