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Tampa and Hurricanes!! Why live here?

I live just north of Tampa. As Hurricane Irma passed directly over us, no longer as a Category 4, but as a Category 1, we were amazed that our home was not impacted at all. We didn’t have a tree go down, or a drop of rain in our home. The house was perfect! So why is that? Besides the fact that the homes in my area are built to codes that were put in place after Hurricane Andrew, making my house a fortress…why else were we spared from what could have been catastrophic?

It’s been stated that Tampa has not had a major Hurricane since 1921. The reason for this luck according to Phil Klotzbach, a meteorology professor at CSU is “Tampa Bay tends to avoid major hurricane landfalls due to its geographic location. Storms have to hit Tampa Bay from the south and west to cause significant damage. Tracks of tropical cyclones have to be somewhat unusual to hit the area.”

Tampa’s geography tends to make a significant difference! That’s good to know. Of course the unimaginable can happen, but I’m happy with knowing the chances may be lessened due to our location.

So, if you are looking for a beautiful location to call your home, give me a call. My area is the perfect place. It’s friendly, full of young families, new businesses, lots of activities, and now I can say that no major hurricanes have impacted us in 96 years!